Manifestation is a theory in psychology that our thoughts and emotions can create physical changes in the world around us. It’s an incredible idea, but it also has some limitations. In this blog post, we will discuss what it is and how it affects our lives. We’ll explore the greatest benefits of this phenomenon as well as its drawbacks

*Only thoughts or emotions that are strong enough will create changes, but they can be so subtle as to go unnoticed!

*What this means for you is that your mind has power over both physical matter and energy, even if only on a subconscious level. And with some practice manifesting becomes easier than ever!

*It also means our inner worlds have an impact on the outer world around us (i.e., there really are “soul mates.” A good friend of mine who was going through tough times had her life change after meeting someone who sparked joy.)

But do note: while these shifts may happen quickly, they are not always instantaneous.

*This also means that if you’re feeling down, your thoughts and emotions may be influencing how things happen in the world around us! And while it’s true that some people see manifestation as “manifesting what we want,” there are limitations to this theory on a psychological level too…

*If our minds can control the physical matter of the world through thought and emotion only when those feelings or thoughts are strong enough then why do so many people go without having their wishes fulfilled? (i.e., why is peace elusive?) Sometimes manifesting requires more than just thinking about something hard enough–it requires actually taking action.

Kindly watch a video on YouTube on Manifestation by Sadhguru

Positive Effects of Manifestations

-Proving that our thoughts and emotions can create physical changes in the world around us!

-Helping people who are struggling with their current situation get back on track by finding a new approach. This is especially helpful for those suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders.

-It also helps to ground us–keeping one’s attention in the present moment rather than worrying about what might happen next. And this “presence” has been shown to improve memory too!

-Improving relationships (especially romantic ones), fighting off stress, and making us feel more optimistic.

*Providing an escape from reality when we need it most, or even uncluttering our lives when we’re feeling overwhelmed. This means that you have the power to create change in your life.

How to Manifest

*Using the Law of Attraction

This means that you need to start thinking about what it is you want in life and be conscious of your thoughts, emotions, words, or actions. Visualize what you want to happen in your life, believe, and have unwavering faith that it will come to pass.

*Be Positive

*Are you feeling down? Instead of focusing on how unhappy things are try focusing on all the good things instead! Meditation is a good way to help you stay happy and stress-free. Read about how meditation enlightens our lives on this link.

*Take Action

Write them out (i.e., Goals), talk about them with friends who will support you no matter what happens (even if they’re discouraging at first!), go after something even when it’s difficult because “sometimes we have nothing left but ourselves.”

It also requires practice with patience, persistence, and resilience so that one doesn’t give up before their wish comes true or they’ve accomplished what they set out to do!

*Don’t Give Up

It may take some time but it will happen eventually no matter what!

You might be wondering why manifesting may not always work immediately? That’s because some things take time–sometimes a lot of time before we see any major change as manifested by what we want or desire to happen in life.

Make sure that your thoughts and actions are strong in order to attract what you are manifesting on

Stay focused and don’t lose hope.


And lastly, manifestation isn’t instantaneous; it can take time. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps and want to change something about your life, manifesting may not be a quick fix. But at least now you know what is happening psychologically when things don’t go as planned!

Click on the link below for more references.

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