Top 10 Powerful Morning Affirmations for your Life

Morning affirmations are a powerful tool that can help improve our lives in many different ways: Before an important meeting or presentation. When feeling down about yourself about whatever is worrying us today and more… If these 10 examples resonate with you don’t hesitate to share them with friends and family via social media or email.

It’s never too early for one of life’s simple pleasures–a warm morning hug from someone who cares deeply about us!

I am enough.

 I have everything that is necessary for my well-being and happiness right now at this moment.

I am Protected

Divine love surrounds me always, protecting me even from myself if need be.

I am okay with other people’s decisions

 “I will not resist the actions of others; rather, I give everyone permission to act as they must according to their true self” –Sri Chinmoy As we allow others to do what they are here on earth to do with a sense of peace within us, so too does life become easier– our worries decrease and opportunities increase!

I Love Myself

We often focus more on what’s wrong than on all the things that are going well. But it’s not a loving act to make someone feel worse about themselves by pointing out their faults and failures. When you can’t sleep, focus instead on self-compassion; think of something positive from your day or even recite one of these affirmations!

 I am Successful.

Successful people don’t have some kind of magical formula for success–they just enjoy doing what they do every day, whether at work or play.

Find your passion in life and follow where it leads you!

I am Powerful

We all have positive and negative thoughts that cross our minds, but as we become aware of them, they take on less power. You have the power and capability to do and become anything in this world.

I am Enough

The truth is, being healthy does not require a perfect diet or spotless home– it only requires the willingness to love yourself unconditionally in spite of your imperfections! Love who you are now because this is all there can ever be. You’re more than good enough just as you are right now!

It’s okay not to know the Answer

Life often throws us curve balls when we least expect them. One minute things seem perfectly under control and then before long, everything feels like chaos again: work, family, relationships.

But life doesn’t have to be a struggle and you don’t need to know what’s going on at all times!

I’m not My Thoughts

If we want our lives and minds to run smoothly, we must learn how to separate from the mind chatter that constantly fills us with doubt or insecurity. Before reacting impulsively, say these words out loud: “It is not necessary for me to take action in response.” And then ask yourself what it would look like if I did…maybe wait until tomorrow?

I am Whole

When we are kind to ourselves by listening inwardly, when we honor our feelings and needs for a sense of security, safety or comfort–when these things aren’t met in our lives–this is what it means to be whole: True self-acceptance doesn’t happen overnight so don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found yourself yet! Remember that all human beings long for love from others as well as themselves. You can find the source of your wholeness within your own heart, knowing that there will always be someone else who knows how you feel. And remember this too: Wholeness never really leaves us because it was always there in the first place!

”powerful morning affirmations”


This is a collection of affirmations for the early morning when the mind and heart are still open to new ideas.

 These words can serve as powerful reminders that we will not be conquered by anything other than our own resistance, or fear of change!

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