Texting is a popular way to communicate with someone these days. It’s also one of the most anxiety-inducing ways to ask someone out. What if they say no? What if they misunderstand what you mean? Or worse, what if they laugh in your face and then never talk to you again? These are all valid concerns that can complicate an already complicated situation.

The good news is that there are plenty of different ways to ask someone out over text. And we’re going to show them all right here in this blog post.

  8 Steps on How to Ask Someone Out Over Text

1. Use humor

Poking fun at yourself or the situation can make things more comfortable and keep the conversation lighthearted. You could say something like, “I don’t know why I’m sitting here trying to text you when we do this all the time.”

2. Maintain Respect

Don’t send messages that are too sexual or have any inappropriate content. This can make it uncomfortable for the other person and lead to them telling you they’re not interested anymore, so be respectful.

If they’ve explicitly said that they’re just looking for friends. It’s okay–you’ll find somebody eventually.

3. Be Positive All the Time

It’s important to be confident when you’re asking someone out over text, and that includes not getting mad at them for taking a while to reply.

Tell the person what they can expect from the date

If it seems like they are on board with going out, but need some reassurance about expectations before committing, let them know!

4. Be Clear

Don’t make it too vague, it’s good to be clear of your intentions so you don’t lead the person on.

Don’t imagine they’ll know what your intentions are.

If you’re asking someone out over text, and it’s not going well, maybe it would be better to ask them in a phone call or meet up with them instead!

5. Use Emoji’s

When you can’t find the right words, emojis can help add some fun to the text.

You should also use emojis when you can’t find the right words to convey your feelings. Make sure not to use emojis that are…

6. Keep it Brief

Don’t text too much, it can make the person feel overwhelmed and annoyed. Just keep your messages brief and to the point!

Avoid being vague or sending long paragraphs of texts back and forth in pursuit of a response. This can make people feel overwhelmed and annoyed, so just keep your messages brief and straightforward.

7. Be Playful

When texting with someone you really like, it’s important to maintain a playful attitude. You could say something like “I’m not one for gym selfies but I hope this is okay.” If they respond positively, then that means they’re into meeting up!

Don’t be too serious or pushy about asking them out over text if the person is trying to back away from the conversation. Keep it light and playful!

8. Be Polite

When texting someone for a date, it’s advisable to be on your best behavior.

Avoid using vulgar words or statements that could hurt their feelings.

  15 Different Text-Based “Ways to Ask Someone Out”

1.”Hey, I like you and want to know if you would go out with me”.

This is a good short-and-simple text that can be read in one or two seconds. You will need to add an emoji at the end of your message so that they understand how serious (or not) this invitation is!

2. ”What are you up to this week? I was thinking about grabbing drinks and thought it would be cool if you came along”.

Here, the person is inviting someone out for a drink! It’s important to note that alcohol might not always be appropriate depending on your relationship with the other person in question.

3.”Hey, you’re pretty cool and I think we should go get some ice cream next week! How does Tuesday sound”?

Here, the person is inviting someone out for an enjoyable activity – ice cream!

4.” I feel like you’re really cool. Would you go out with me”?

This is a cheeky text that might be best to use if the other person has already expressed interest in dating or hanging out sometime. It’s not too serious, but it will help set up what could turn into a date!

5.”Hey, would you want to hook up tonight”?

This is also a good text to use if you want to wait for the other person’s response. If they say no, then you can stop whatever plans that might have been in motion and move on with your life – there are plenty of fish out there!

If they say yes, it’s time to get down to business!

6.”Hey, do you want to get dinner with me tomorrow”?

This is a straightforward question that can be interpreted in two ways – either as an invitation or a suggestion for the future. You might sense from their response whether they are looking for something more serious than just friends!

7.”So, I was thinking we could hang out this weekend”.

This text is asking someone out for any old day of the week. This might be a good option if you are looking to plan something casual and not too committed!

8.” Hey there stranger! I know it’s been a while since we talked”.

This text is a good way to break the ice with someone that you have been flirting with for some time. It might be more difficult if they don’t know how you feel, but this type of message will help them understand what’s on your mind!

9.”Hey, how are you doing, how about Saturday morning on a hike?”

This text is a way to ask someone out for an activity – in this case, hiking. It’s important that you make sure they are interested before suggesting something like this! You can add something like, ‘Let me know what sounds good to you!’

10.”You looked beautiful today, what are your weekend plans?”

This text is a good way to ask someone out for the weekend and also it compliments them. It’s important that you make sure they are interested before suggesting something like this!

11.”What do you want to eat? I’ll meet up with you and we can get some food.”

This type of message is asking about plans, but it also sets up the possibility of eating together. If they want to eat with you, then it’s time for a date!

12. “Hey, I like you and want to know if you would go out with me.”

This text message is short and sweet – it’s the perfect way to get someone out on a date!

13. “What are you up to this week? I was thinking about grabbing drinks and thought it would be cool if you came along”.

In this case, the person is inviting their date for a drink after work or at the end of the day!

14. “Hey, I had a great time with you last night and would love to see more of you.”

This text is a good way to ask for another meeting in person – it sets up an opportunity to have a date during the week, or maybe even on Saturday morning if they are free then!

15. “Would you like to hang out this week?”

This text is a lot less serious than asking someone on a date, but it’s still an opportunity for the two of you to spend some time together! You can ask them what day works best or take their answer as something they might be interested in doing sometime soon!


Some of the best ways to ask someone out over text are short and sweet. This is important because it’s easy for someone to get overwhelmed with a long message! These messages also come in handy if you want to take things slow – maybe they aren’t really sure how they feel yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for something more!

If you’re not sure what might work for someone, it’s best to try out a few different options and see how they respond. This way, you’ll be able to tell which one is the most effective at getting people excited about spending time with you! After all, there is plenty of fish in the sea – why settle for just one?


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