The Amazing 5 Elements of the Universe and How They Affect Our Lives Positively

The universe is made up of five elements: they are earth (solid), water (fluid), fire (energy/digestion), air (oxygen), ether (space). These elements exist in the human body and the human mind and all living beings. The elements are the five forces of nature, which make up all material things.

The universe can be described as having two opposing forces: yin and yang. These forces are equal but opposite, yet they give birth to each other. Yin forces are related to cold, passiveness, femaleness, and darkness. Yang’s forces are related to heat, activity, maleness, and light. The elements of the universe make up everything in this world; therefore there is no life without them; our body, for example, contains all five elements within it.

1) Earth (solid) Element

Provides us with a sturdy body and a good immune system. Therefore, it helps us to avoid sickness. Additionally, the first chakra (Mooladhara) is associated with the earth element. It is said that by balancing our first chakra, we can balance our bodies and minds. This is achievable by meditating and practicing yoga (physical exercises), as well as eating foods like black sesame, nuts, and beans which support this element of the universe.

2) Water (fluid) Element

Water element provides us with a smooth flow of energy (the ability to be flexible and to flow). It also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, as well as provides moisture/hydration for our bodies and skin. It is said that the second chakra (Swadhisthana) is associated with the water element. Balancing the second chakra provides us with good reproductive health.

When we have a balanced second chakra, it is said that our senses are more acute. This makes us feel confident and comfortable. Additionally, the water element helps us to hydrate our bodies and adjust our body temperatures. This can be achieved by practicing yoga, eating foods that support our second chakra, and drinking plenty of water daily.

3) Fire (energy/digestion) Element

It helps us to digest our food, giving us energy which can be used for many things in our daily lives. Additionally, it’s said that the third chakra (Manipura) is associated with the fire element. Balancing the third chakra provides us with good digestion, good metabolism, and helps us to get rid of excess weight.

When we have a balanced third chakra, it’s said that our bodies are more energized and capable of handling difficult experiences. Practicing yoga, eating foods that support the third chakra, and doing other practices that support our health (such as drinking coffee to stimulate digestion) can help us to balance this element in ourselves.

4) Air (oxygen) Element

This element of the universe provides all living beings with oxygen, which is required for life. Additionally, it’s said that the fourth chakra (Anahata) is associated with the air element. When we balance our fourth chakra, we are better able to understand ourselves and others. We feel steadier in stressful situations and can overcome negative experiences more easily.

Getting enough sleep can help us to balance this element in ourselves including other healthy practices.

5) Ether (space) Element

This is formless space or the space between objects. It cannot be seen, but it exists everywhere. The fifth chakra (Vishuddha) is associated with the fifth element, ether. When we balance our fifth chakra, we feel more open and liberated from unhealthy boundaries in our lives.

 In addition to this, it’s said that the fifth chakra gives us a mental “space”, allowing for improvements in meditation and concentration practices.

Bottom Line

These elements of the universe surround us in nature and are within each of us. By practicing yoga exercises, eating healthy foods, having positive discipline/meditation practices, and drinking plenty of water daily, we can maintain a balance of the five elements. This helps us to have good health overall.

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